A downloadable SHE! for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You've been hired!

Unfortunately at this job poor performance could mean certain death.  Use your mighty leaf blower to move around and ship out "The Merchandise" and make sure to filter out the bad seeds into the incinerator.  Try to have fun and avoid that nefarious pink slip.

WASD to move

Mouse to point

Left click to Blow

Right click (+ hold) to suck

The LD40 build is the build that made Ludum Dare Submission Time.

Now featuring an updated build!

Open the "12.5.17" build to try it out. 

Install instructions

Download the zip file

extract the zip file

run the program


CrittersInc-LD40.zip 73 MB
CrittersInc-12.6.17.zip 80 MB

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